Disaster Response Framework – US

Organization and Administration

The Robert T Stafford Act and Implementation

Legislative Reforms

State Coordination in Disaster Response

Other Sources of Emergency Power

Disaster Response Framework – UN

Legal Documents

  • GA Res. 46/182 (1991), Strengthening the Coordination of Humanitarian Emergency Assistance of the United Nations

UN Agencies and Actors

Coordination and Operations

International Frameworks

Humanitarian Response

Standards and Protocols

Research Reports

Internally Displaced Persons

Legal Resources

Standards and Protocols:

Sexual Minorities In Disaster

Case Studies

International Guidelines, Protocols and Recommendations

US Law and Guidelines

Gender Based Violence And Disaster

Case studies

Legal Resources

International Guidelines, Protocols and Recommendations

Rape, Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse

Disability and Disaster

Case Studies


Legal Resources – International

Legal Resources – US

Advocacy groups

Faith-Based Organizations and Humanitarian Aid

Additional Resources

Legal Research

  • Casetext (alternative to West/Lexis, opinions and citing cases)