Welcome to the Disaster Law Center blog, a forum by and for people who work to protect human rights in disasters: lawyers, activists, practitioners, and most importantly, disaster survivors.

I’m Kathy Bergin, and I’m a lawyer.  An activist.  An agitator.  Perhaps we already know each other from my days as a Law Prof.  Maybe we worked together in NOLA following Hurricane Katrina or collaborated in Port au Prince after the earthquake Haiti.  And maybe we are connecting here for the first time.  Whatever the case – hello there, I’m glad you stopped by!

Since blogs need a moderator – I’m it.  But I hope to create a dynamic, evolving and supportive space that belongs not just to me, but to all of us.  So tell me – what projects are you working on, what campaigns should we be talking about?  Do you have knowledge to share, or do you want to learn something new about disasters and human rights?  Contact me, and together, we’ll get the word out here.